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We simplify transcription...
With ProScribe Transcriptions you will never experience pricing sticker shock, or extra fees for accents, multiple speakers, difficult audio, overlapping voices or many of the extra fees others charge in addition to their base transcription fee. We offer a per page pricing model to help ensure increased savings and to allow you to control your project costs. With this pricing model you never pay for dead air or time gaps when no one is speaking. You always earn the most value and innovation per dollar spent... all while getting a satisfaction guarantee with each transcription or captioning project we complete.
We transcribe board and general business meetings, corporate events and conferences, journalism interviews and notes. We also offer transcription services to the entertainment industry.
We transcribe the basic four medical reportings--history, consultation, operative, and discharge in addition to offering  services to Medicaid and the Department of Medical Assistance.
We transcribe administrative law hearings, depositions, interrogatories and interviews. We are also a captioning service vendor for the Described and Captioned Media Program, Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education
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By only focusing on transcription.
Medical Transcription
General Transcription
  • Corporate solutions
  • Digital dictation
  • Meeting transcription
  • Insurance interviews
  • Academic research
  • Focus groups
  • ​Legal transcription
  • Media captioning
  • Case notes
  • Interviews
  • Medical dictation
  • Social assessments
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